My friends who contributed to this blog

Snezhana Todorova

Snezhi is a global marketing expert based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her professional experience includes working for international companies like SAP and HP on a global, regional and local level. Currently she is working as a Global Marketing Project Manager for Nytro and is helping Tom with creating and maintaining this blog.

Snezhi is a representative of the Millennial generation, interested in how the digital and social environment changes the way we live and communicate. She is passionate about building innovative marketing strategies by combining insight-driven analysis with creative tactics.

In her spare time Snezhi enjoys reading, dancing, doing yoga and whisky tasting.

Monika Rezna

Monika is a young professional with rich experiences for her age. Her professional path has taken her to different countries such as Germany, the United States, Malta, and Greece where she has developed an international mindset focused on bridging cultures and quickly adapting to the needs of various clients. Currently, she is a Marketing Project Manager at Nytro, supporting several EMEA customer projects, driving Nytro´s marketing activities and helping Tom to create interesting stories for his blog.

Her motto is:  „Do what makes you Happy“. She is a passionate globe-trotter, who enjoys different cultures and amazing landscapes. In her spare time, she loves to explore other parts of the world, actively engages in sports or simply spend time with those she loves.

Kathy Capeluto

Kathy is a content creator and project manager currently based in London, United Kingdom. After graduating from Florida International University with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management, she worked in planning and executing social events until the technology industry knocked on her door. During her years at SAP, Kathy worked at a local, regional, and global capacity, writing content and copy for both internal and external audiences. Here, her millennial skills came in handy as she grew the reach and impact of SAP’s curated content to wider audiences through social media.

Whether it’s an organizational announcement or a short caption, Kathy’s talkative nature directly translates into a deep love for storytelling, which she has explored through creating content for technical blogs across a number of industries, ghostwriting for C-level executives, and writing her own crafting blog. With her management experience and writing skills in mind, Nytro was the perfect match.

Kathy enjoys any creative outlet or medium, and a perfect day off for her includes some sort of artistic expression (preferably dancing), planning (or being on) trips, and eating avocados.

Emily Andreeva

Emily is a graphic designer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She has a degree in graphic design from high school and is currently studying advertising at New Bulgarian University. For almost 3 years she has been working for Nytro as a Graphic designer. 

Emi is also a photographer who loves to travel all the time either in her country or around the world. Usually, her inspiration comes from nature or from people’s life stories.

In her spare time, she loves to drink fancy cocktails, ride her longboard and listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Spending time with her friends and family is the most important thing in her life.

Conrad Louis-Charles

Conrad Louis-Charles was a documentary and travel photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He shot assignments for corporate client SAP in America, Brazil, Argentina, and Singapore. He contributed work to Lonely Planet Magazine in Spain and National Geographic online.

For an Antarctica project, Conrad collaborated with Brazilian navigator Amyr Klink sponsored by SAP Brazil. On another project sponsored by SAP, he photographed the challenges facing street children in São Paulo, Brazil. A book was published called “The Dream”, for a children’s foundation founded by Brazilian race car driver Emerson Fittipaldi.

Conrad exhibited at Pentimenti Gallery, Taller Puertoriqueño , Penn State University’s Robeson Gallery, FNAC Gallery in São Paulo, and in galleries in Dominican Republic and Paris. Conrad has photographs in the permanent art collection of University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

His work was also published in a photography book called “Terra d’agua” sponsored by Rhodia Farma. Conrad traveled with a medical research team on an expedition to the Amazon of Brazil.  On this expedition, he documented health conditions of Brazilians living along the Tapajos River in the Para region of the Amazon.

Along with his personal projects, Conrad shot commercial photography, corporate, advertising,  and editorial assignments. He was Director of Photography for the short film “ Next Tuesday” shot in Philadelphia.

Conrad’s passion was photographing Brazil and Hispaniola where he traveled extensively.

RIP Conrad!