In the past, companies were largely able to control the conversation about their brand and how they are being perceived. Today, anyone who thinks they can truly control their brand is not from this planet. The internet and the social media completely changed the way companies and consumers view their role and the power they have over a brand. The internet has been a great equalizer. This power shift means that we can no longer talk to our customers; we must talk with them. It’s all about conversation and sharing experiences.

The distinction between B2B and B2C brands is becoming irrelevant. Behind every business “B” is a person who expects a consumer-like experience. We must evolve our mindset from B2B to P2P: People-to-People. This change in the approach started with the internet and social media and will gain further momentum. At the end of the day brand is about experience. The days of vertical focus on branding, advertising, events, demand generation and public relations are over. Tying these pieces together in a meaningful way to create a linear experience is more critical than the individual components. In order to create this linear brand experience marketers need to understand what drives the customer and then apply a true 360 experience.

Based on these believes I have started a new company with some of the most talented colleagues in the industry. It’s name is Nytro Marketing. We have embarked on this journey based on our core expertise, passion and the experience gained from leading global, regional and local marketing programs. This new and exciting venture enables us to be laser focused on what we do best for customers – delivering amazing experiences for customers around the world.