The event mobile app is innovative, flexible smartphone and tablet solution for trade shows, conferences or any other event. Nowadays event apps are pretty popular due to its multiple benefits.

Event App Benefits

  1. Real Time and Personalized Content

Event mobile apps can regularly deliver new and targeted updates in real-time, ensuring that attendees are kept up to date and with the most relevant information. They do not need to walk with a printed agenda anymore, that may not include the latest details..

  1. Networking

A mobile app allows attendees to leverage integrated networking and social media tools to build relationships and interact with one another before, during and after the event. Since networking is a number one goal for conferences, many conference managers make sure to have one for their event.

  1. Attendee Engagement

A mobile app also serves as a communication channel between event organizers and attendees, which helps event staff to effectively engage with their attendees. Eg.: via push notifications, live polls, social media etc.

  1. Grow Partnerships with Sponsors

Mobile apps are a great way to create new revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities; in app sponsorship areas one may provide great exposure for your partners.

  1. Feedback

Surveys can help event organizers to collect feedback from attendees and help to improve the next event.


Before investing in a mobile app for your event, you should however ask yourself first:

„What is the reason for having a mobile app for my event? What are the goals of my event. Can an event mobile app help me to reach goals of the event? What is my target audience?”

If you know the answer to these questions and you do not develop the app just for the sake of it or  because other competitors have one, we would recommend you to get this handy tool for your event and impress your attendees. However, if your event is rather small (e.g.: less than 50 attendees), you could instead build an event website, optimized for mobile devices, which will be a cheaper and less complex.

If you do go for a mobile app, there are many rather pricy and cheaper mobile app vendors out there. We can help you to choose the right one in our next blog article!

If you need more information about event apps, please contact our Nytro Marketing experts who can help you to manage this easily. ( find a right vendor for you, choose the suitable mobile app features for your event and manage the whole event app project for you, so you as event manager do not need to worry about it and can focus on more strategic topics)