If you’re like most people, 2017 has been a year of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. As 2018 winds down, and thoughts of a few changes are almost upon us, it’s time for some soul searching. Ordinarily, the path of introspection is best walked alone, however, it’s time we work on a few resolutions together.

Of course, efforts towards individual personal development are always a good idea. Therefore, committing to things like walking more or eating healthier are fantastic goals.

But this year we think committing to some real improvements as a team, family, country and international community are long overdue.

The reasons for this are obvious, yet the solutions remain out of reach. We are fighting too much on social media. There is far too much gratuitous violence in society and on television. There’s also still too much inequality within the business world.

But there is still some hope as invariably those of you reading this are good souls whose bright lights illuminate the darkness. It’s heartening to see so many people volunteering their time in service projects, and donating to so many great causes. For example, within Nytro Marketing we´re proud of our own #NytroWithLove volunteering initiatives.

Yet despite the well-intentioned efforts of so many out there like you, unless more people look deeply within their hearts; we run the risk of having our children and grandchildren live in a world in rapid decline. That’s why this year we think that it’s imperative that we make some resolutions together.

Let’s all resolve to be nicer on social media and even shut off our devices more often. There’s nothing wrong with checking the phone for emails or conversational texting, as there’s obviously a whole universe of information that can be found there. But there are also better ways to connect to the “real” universe.

With that in mind, let’s resolve to get outside in nature more often and meet face-to-face with people. Volunteering is a great way to do that. There is a myriad of great causes to get involved with that do everything from helping needy children to protecting endangered wildlife.

Let’s resolve together to work towards more diversity and inclusion in the entire business community. After all, getting more people involved and invested in free-market solutions to world problems will surely serve to strengthen economies and help eradicate poverty.

Finally, let’s resolve together to find more common ground. Polarization is causing unnecessary societal rifts that could tear us apart. Let’s take the good ideas from everywhere and leave the division and mistrust behind. We have so much more in common than many people realize, and we can chart a new path if we all pull together.

The reality about today’s world is that we have a lot of work to do. And the reality about New Year’s resolutions is that generally people break them by the end of January.

However, let’s make this the year we stick with them.  Future generations are counting on us.