Although I currently live in Germany, I was born and raised in my beloved Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The city is magical, a perfect mix of nature and city. ❤

As every good big city, there’s plenty to do and see. The most known tourist places are the Sugar Loaf, Corcovado and seeing the Christ (where it has indeed the best view of the city in my opinion), Botanic Gardens, and of course the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. statuja foto 2

Other very famous events you wouldn’t want to miss if you have a chance are New Years Eve, one of the most grand displays in the world, which goes through 20 minutes of pure firework spectacle and great free shows at the Copacabana beach. Another major event that is worth seeing is our Carnival at Sapucai. During Carnival, the whole city is in party and has hundreds of “bloquinhos” in the streets where people go to dance and just have fun! 😊

If you are sporty and up to a little adventure, Rio is also great for you. As mentioned before, we’re blessed with a beautiful nature and therefore you won’t regret if you take some time to explore it. If you want, you can even do 2 in 1, in which you get to know an iconic place but in a different experience like the one for the Sugar Loaf. There is a trail for climbing it and after 7 p.m. you can ride the cableway back for free. But please, if you choose this option, look in advance for a good guide, who will provide you with safety ropes and a helmet. Another beautiful and refreshing place to go is to hike to the waterfalls of Horto, where Cachoeira do Chuveiro is the most known one.

If you’re looking for cultural programs we have the newest museum –  Museu do Amanha – projected by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, outside it looks like a huge and beautiful sculpture, and the museum explores the theme of sustainability and conviviality, which are ever more important to discuss now-a-days.

Another famous one is the MAC in Niteroi. Projected by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Museum of Contemporary Art has a unique architecture and gorgeous view.

The cultural scene is also excellent – not so famous, but worth going to, trust me – Instituto Moreira Salles, the house was constructed in 1951 by architect Olavo Reding de Campos with landscaping project from Burle Max. It showcases area of photography, plastic art, music, iconography, literature and cinema. Also check Instituto CCBB, where always has some awesome exhibitions for free!

If you’re looking for a good place to eat, Braseiro has the best picanha of Rio, and when you order request it accompanied with Portuguese potato, farofa, and broccoli rice, it’s a very tasty meal that can be shared with 4 people. For vegetarians Gavea Garden Bistro is another great option with very good organic food.

To end this post, nothing better then with three amazing options for you to enjoy the sunset and feel why we like to say that God is Brazilian. They are:  Praia da Joatinga , after a hike; Bar da Urca, and ask for a “Chopp” and chill with the Guanabara’s Bay view;  and last but not least, Arpoador, where the sunset from there, with a panoramic view to Ipanema and Leblon beaches is worth applauding.