SAP SAPPHIRE was born in Switzerland during dinner in 1989 with an early SAP R/2 Customer. Since then, SAP has delivered more than 60 SAPPHIRE events around the world, often providing us with unforgettable, history-making events in a vast array of destinations: Lisbon, Madrid, Nice, Singapore, Paris, Copenhagen, Lausanne, Frankfurt, New Orleans, Phoenix, Los Angeles, South Africa, Sidney, Tokyo and still more.

If you’re a SAPPHIRE visitor, you certainly have a treasure trove of memories. Maybe it was a cool giveaway item – a special evening out – a really great keynote – or just a crazy thing that happened between activities. Yes, every SAPPHIRE has its moments, but here are a few to spark your memories. If you love to comment please share your best ever SAPPHIRE Experience and tell us whether you think SAPPHIRE should be virtual, hybrid, regional or anything else.

SAPPHIRE 2020 and 2021: The first truly virtual SAPPHIRE, seen from couches and office chairs around the world, while wearing cool SAP-branded slippers!

SAPPHIRE Philadelphia 1999: The year of the hurricane,, and Bill Gates and Hasso Plattner doing a joint demo on stage.

SAPPHIRE Orlando 1994: When Hasso rocked the house to the tunes of Chuck Berry.

SAPPHIRE Princeton 1989: The first US SAPPHIRE. The action was briefly halted as attendees watched the Berlin Wall being torn down.

Here are some further recollections to inspire your own memories:

What do you remember from your SAPPHIRE experiences? If you have a story to share — and you dare — reply to this post.