I am a nomad since I was born. Born in Mexico City, raised in Acapulco, did a bit of high school studies in the United States and went back to college in Mexico City where I have established my home with a beautiful family, together with Gaby (my life partner), Jaime (my son who is currently doing high school in Germany) and Paulina, my soul mate who is a confident mischief with a black humor. To get you into the Mexican mood, there is a funny saying about ¨real Mexicans¨. We say ¨Macho makes Macho¨, which means that the first child of a family ¨has¨ to be a man so I fulfilled the real Mexican macho saying 😉 I believe I was very fortunate to live and establish strong roots in all these 3 very contrasting locations and when I retire, I would love to spend a year jumping from Acapulco to Mexico City and to some (not so cold) city in the States.

In this session, my heart will guide you to Acapulco, the most important tourist destination in Mexico with one of the world’s most beautiful bays. Its boom began in the fifties when film stars chose Acapulco as their vacation spot and it became a place to meet the international Jet Set. In the 1970s, artists and businessmen from all over the world were building luxurious mansions there. Glamorous, spontaneous and fun Acapulco is a destination where the activity does not end at any time of the day and night.

Nowadays, Acapulco is a mix between the old Acapulco and new Acapulco called Diamante (Diamond). I would definitely stick to the old traditional Acapulco and would recommend you to stay either in the El Cano Hotel, located right in the middle of the bay with an amazing view, incredible food and gorgeous beach or in the Boca Chica Hotel, a beautiful vintage hotel from the 50´s located in the Caleta area where the sea is even calmer than a swimming pool. Executive Chef Keisuke Harada throws a spectacular menu. You would not like to miss his sushi, no doubt the best sushi I´ve ever had. This place brings me tons of good memories from my childhood when I was eating sushi with my family and friends over the weekend. After a nice day at the beach, doing all kind of water sports activities from water ski, to paddle surf, kayaking or wave running, you will be hungry like there is no tomorrow so my favorite local restaurants are:

1.El Cuatete Enamorado

El Cuatete Enamorado, located deep in the city, offers the best seafood in town, ideal for lunch. A seafood soup, a green dogfish with handmade tortillas or the tamarindo shrimps with a cold michelada (beer jar with lemon and salt). You cannot ask for anything else in life.

2. La Casa de Tere

Traditional. I mean really traditional Mexican food that will drive you crazy! You cannot miss a Thursday late lunch. They have the best ¨pozole¨, a spicy stew with sweet corn grain, chile, and pork or chicken. The pozole needs to be enjoyed with a glass of tequila, mezcal or a cold beer.

3. Beto Godoy

People say that it was in this place where the Pescado a la Talla recipe was invented. Whether it is true or not, it is certainly true that it is an Acapulco classic. It is located in Barra Vieja, 30 km northeast Acapulco, facing open sea, which makes it a great place to enjoy a sunset. I can recommend a beer or a margarita again but I would rather go for an iced cold Yoli, a local lemon soda that will create you an addiction.


With my 4th and 5th recommended restaurants, I will take you for dinner to magical spots with the most beautiful view of the Acapulco bay, located in the border of the mountain next to the ocean.

4. Baikal

The fusion cuisine that blends flavors, textures and elements of Asia, the Mediterranean and French cuisine. A huge Asian palapa, is a great place to enjoy your evening.

5. Zibu

It is very close to Baikal, overlooking a beautiful Bay of Puerto Marqués. Here you will find excellent Tai-Mex cuisine together with the best service.

After dinner, we are ready for an amazing Acapulco night life with a vast selection of bars and discos so that you can party until dawn and even keep it alive until noon with a couple after party bars of which I cannot remember the name.

Acapulco has history, nature, climate, vegetation, beaches and warm people eager to serve and entertain you, so before you finish reading, pack your bags (a bathing suit and a pair of jeans) and make a reservation in Acapulco. You will not regret it.