Thanks to my fellow Nitronians, you have all read about many beautiful Mexican cities and areas including the stunning beaches of Acapulco with Jaime, Meche’s exciting take on Mexico city, and Pablo’s vegan tour of Metepec, but today is all about another culturally rich and Mexican gastronomic paradise: La Condesa.

 A day in my neighborhood: La Condesa

This area consists of three colonies: Condesa, Hipodromo and Hipodromo Condesa – where I currently reside. It was one of the most affected colonies after the 2017 earthquake, but it never lost its cultural and culinary charm, so I want to take you all through the beautiful and resilient paths of my hometown.

La Condesa shares her border and bohemian spirit with Colonia Roma, and together they form the so-called “Roma Condesa Cultural Corridor.” One of the main characteristics of the Condesa neighborhood today is the youth of its population, which gives it a cosmopolitan air, represented more visibly by its nightlife and gastronomy. It’s a very casual lifestyle where retro bikes and dogs fill the streets, with an abundance of coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, galleries and boutiques selling items that reflect the latest trends. The variety of bars and lounges creates a vibrant nightlife.

Things to do in Condesa


Condesa has many iconic vintage places, and it concentrates an invaluable architectural heritage of more than 200 buildings with neocolonial style, functionalist, eclectic, rationalist and art deco. There are always art festivals, music, outdoor experimental theater, and many activities for all kinds of audiences. For me, the buildings that encapsulate the nostalgia of my childhood are: the classic Lido cinema, which is now the Fondo de Cultura Económica (one of the best bookstores); the iconic building on Veracruz Street, now a Hotel Boutique called Condesa DF that has a spectacular terrace overlooking the Mexico park; the home of the photographer Tina Modotti (who fought for the rights of the unprotected class in Mexico, a country that was not even hers), an icon of La Condesa.

If you’re into running, riding bikes, skating or walking your dog, Mexico Park is a must. It was built in 1927 and was the main attraction of the residential colony of that time, and today it has become one of the most beautiful and most visited parks in Mexico City. On Sundays, there are plenty of activities for the whole family, including a special area for dogs where they can run around condesa 1


There are restaurants for every palate in La Condesa: from Italian, Arabic, French, Japanese, Cuban, Argentinean, Mediterranean, etc., but the best way to enjoy a little bit of everything is to make sure you’re here for one of our food festivals, with hundreds of vendors that make dishes from different communities and countries, all of which you can enjoy on the spot, or take home with you.

If you’re part of the “green wave,” La Condesa is right up your alley, featuring lots of organic and health conscious restaurants for all. Among my favorites for breakfast are Ojo de Agua, featuring natural juices and specialty chilaquils, and My Bowls, serving nutritious and healthy light food with 100% organic ingredients and delicious quinoa-based options.

la condesa 3

If you’re not sure what food you’re in the mood for, but you know you want something great, make your way to Mercado Roma. This place was one of the pioneers of the Gourmet Market concept, where you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants serving foods from around the world, and whether you go for the delicious tacos, Arabic food, liqueurs and coffee, organic food, cakes and a variety of desserts – you can be sure all is prepared with the utmost care and for the foodie in all of us.

What to do at night in Condesa

La Condesa is a bohemian environment, with several bars, restaurants and places to dance and listen to music. For a good time, you can choose between the streets of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Michoacán and Amsterdam. There are plenty of places to dance, with all music genres.

You also may have heard of Plaza Condesa, an iconic concert and event venue where you can always expect some sort of show. Fun fact: it actually used to be a classic cinema when it was originally built in 1952.

Final recommendations from a devoted local:  whether you’d like to savor a delicious craft beer or enjoy a martini, my favorite places to spend a good evening are: El Azul Condesa, Carlota Terrace, Hotel Mexico Park (Thursdays are Jazz nights!).

All in all, if you’re looking for rich culture, exciting historical sights, yummy (and healthy) food, or a fun night out you can’t go wrong with La Condesa!

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