Brittany is a recent permanent resident of Los Angeles, moving from the east coast in Philadelphia. Her day to day during the work week is fairly consistent, typically starting with an early morning cup of coffee from her most recent obsession: a Chemex coffee brew. Once coffee is in hand, the work day starts with rapid fire status calls managing various accounts with Nytro Marketing and maintaining her client’s social media handles throughout mid-day.


As the day comes to a close with her European teams in the afternoon, she typically will head to a coffee shop down the street in her neighborhood to get out of the apartment for a change of scenery to continue her work from home. The choice typically bounces between The Oaks Gourmet or Bourgeous Pig both residing in her new neighborhood Franklin Village – close to Hollywood and Los Feliz. 


After the last email has been sent and project been wrapped up for the day, she heads back to her place to change into workout gear to hit the gym or her favorite hot yoga studio in Hollywood. If enough energy can be mustered after some exercise, the day might end with either a dinner outside with friends to enjoy the mild weather in Southern California at Mama Shelter’s rooftop bar (pictured above) or maybe a drive down to the beach to catch the sunset in Santa Monica in her hybrid with her toes in the sand.

Life is certainly incomparable between the east and west coasts and Brittany is happy to now say she has lived in both!