Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a small business, working at an agency, or for a multinational company, we have all been in a situation where we need to put on the Marketing Guru hat to try and increase impact, engagement or reach of our tactics. And the difficulty of putting on that hat is the ever-changing platforms, audience expectations, and speed at which everything changes.

Everyone knows that social media is king, queen, and everything in between when it comes to having a successful business, and depending on what you do, it makes sense to have presence in more than one platform, which means: you need more content. The good thing is, a very common practice among social media gurus is to recycle (or more properly, “stagger”) content and push throughout all their channels at different times to create volume and ensure they hit all their audience checkmarks.

In order to help alleviate the burden of “creating” a multitude of assets and spending time on analyzing your socials multiple times a day instead of engaging, there are some great social media management apps or sites that can cross-pollinate easily – but beyond that: there are some tools that can really make your life a lot easier, they’re user-friendly, and are informed by policies of the actual platforms, so you know your content will fit in seamlessly:

Canva: social media without images is not social media, and when you have to run a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram feed, those dimension changes can really get overwhelming. That’s where Canva comes in. It’s a free – yes, FREE! – graphics tool that allows you to create all types of banners, infographics, pictograms, etc. and it comes with thousands of pre-set layouts specifically designed to fit each social platform in its own sizing restrictions.


Later: There are some beautiful Instagram feeds out there, but it’s no easy task to visualize how your new post will fit in with the rest, not to mention the fact that Instagram just this year began allowing scheduled posts, but only from a small number of approved third-party apps. Those problems and many more are solved by the Later app, dubbed #1 Marketing Platform dedicated exclusively to your Instagram success, and it’s not only approved by Instagram, but they have an established partnership, which ensures optimum safety and seamless features for your account. Did we mention it’s free?2

Buzzsumo: need to do a pulse-check on what your audience is interested in and what content is performing well and how it does on each platform? There’s a service for that, and it’s called Buzzsumo! One of the things most content creators struggle with is ensuring that the posts they’re planning to publish are actually going to resonate with the audience and are time-relevant, but thanks to Buzzsumo, you can run a quick search and not only see what is trending but how it performs depending on the platform so you can strategically plan your posts with advanced analytics backing your decisions. Buzzsumo has a variety of plans for all business sizes, and the ROI is clear as day.


Whether your business is big or small, a social media presence is a must, but having your finger on the pulse of the social media best practices is what makes you stand out and turn a profit. Marketing is all about strategizing and thanks to tools like Buzzsumo, Canva & Later that do all the behind the scenes work, you can spend your social time engaging instead of planning and creating blindly. And that’s #winning!