Too big, too expensive? One million users would beg to differ.

This past May, SAP announced that their SME solution SAP Business One exceeded the mark of 60,000 customers. And to take it even further: behind this figure there are over 1 Million users in 170 countries – and just as many reasons to celebrate!

Despite this success, the preconceived notion that SAP solutions are too big, too complex or too expensive still lingers on. But this is about to change dramatically: in Germany for example, most of the small and medium-sized businesses looking for an ERP system do have SAP on their radar.

So let´s see: are over 60,000 customers worldwide not the best proof that this solution is a good fit for SMEs?

Time to analyze the situation and clarify these myths once and for all.

SAP is over 45 years old and is a resounding success story in the large enterprise sector, though not without some mistaken reports. Sure, it is widely known that the SAP portfolio covers just about everything, but the old misconceptions about the length of implementation, software complexity and high costs have stuck around. What most people forget is that the period of adoption of ERP solutions depends on the size of the enterprise – just like how a single-family house is raised faster than a skyscraper. Also, the fact that SAP’s market share increases exponentially every year and has incredible brand recognition only strengthens the notion that the company caters just to industry giants. The good thing is, today the letters SAP are synonymous with ERP. That’s an achievement in its own right, showing SAP has smartly played the long game.

What many don’t know, is that SAP broke ground on developing SME solutions back in 2003 – by developing a strategic product to fit the needs of the small and medium-sized organizations: SAP Business One.

Luckily, SAP is working with amplified focus to increase the awareness of their SME solution suite. And to support that, an entire global army of SAP Business One partners and dedicated sales and consulting teams is determined to change the myth of “too complex, too difficult and too expensive.”

As soon as one gets the opportunity to show the functionality and coverage of SAP Business One, the reaction is usually a total surprise, with a side of “wow!” You can almost see the epiphany happening in real time as you hear “I wish I’d known about this earlier!” or “I thought SAP was only for the big dogs!” And as you can see – far from it.

And the perks don’t end there. While until only a few years ago, getting an ERP system meant buying fixed licenses, nowadays SAP Business One can be easily deployed as a cloud solution. Customers pay a cost-effective monthly fee and can start right away, with an Onboarding Package that fits their needs. It’s never been easier to become an SAP user!

SAP Business One comes with all important modules loaded for a user, and most small customers start with five to 10 users, which is the standard. This is the typical starting point for small production companies, start-ups, retailers or service companies. The best part? The solution grows with the companies who use them. Up to 100 or 200 users in a few years? No problem, SAP Business One is scalable and SAP has even more to offer: over 500 registered industry solutions are available in case customers need even more specific processes. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Nytro Marketing, SAP Business One and Partners are off to Conquer the World of SMB Software

“What’s that got to do with a global marketing agency like Nytro Marketing?”, you might ask yourselves. For one, we’re passionate about making SAP Business One grow globally. We’re lucky to be one of the global agencies that SAP chose to promote it, and we’re even luckier to serve dynamic, innovative partners who bring SAP Business One to market. We share their passion for helping small enterprises run better.

And in case you haven’t heard about the SAP Business One Flag Challenge before (Check it out on the SAP Business One Facebook) – the legendary SAP Business One flag is going worldwide, proudly presented by partners, customers and other fans in different locations around the world. Some of the Nytro team has also been spotted with the flag at global events or business meetings.

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